FRONTERRA VILLAGE single family home (sfh) HOA

The Fronterra Village Single Family Homeowners Association, Inc. (the SFH HOA) is an Association founded for the purpose of managing and enforcing the covenants, conditions and restrictions specifically applicable to the 770 single family homes located within the District. Owners and renters of the 770 homes must contact the SFH HOA Board and/or management company regarding issues related to dues payable to the SFH HOA, maintenance of Badger Park, maintenance of the open spaces around the neighborhood, utility services, etc.

The SFH HOA was incorporated in July 2001 as a nonprofit corporation under the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act. The SFH HOA's membership is comprised solely of the owners of the 770 single family homes within the District. The SFH HOA was formed for the purpose of (a) holding, maintaining, repairing and improving the SFH HOA's common area properties and structures and (b) protecting and enhancing the quality, value, aesthetic desirability and attractiveness of the single family homes through enforcement of the Fronterra Village Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Fronterra Village CC&Rs).

The SFH HOA is the owner Badger Park and the open spaces and green belts located throughout the Fronterra Village neighborhood. Consequently, the SFH HOA is responsible for maintaining the landscaping and removing snow on these tracts of land.

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